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Its money that makes things happen.

The people who say things like "Money doesn't matter" or tell other people not to be obsessed with money are those who don't have to worry about money because they have plenty.

Every month the Premium Bond prizes mean that two people are 1 million better off than the month before and there is an estimated prize value of over 106 million for July 2007. So a lot of people who already have some savings will be even better off financially at the end of the month, every month, every year.

What do they all do with their winnings?

I was talking to my 28 year old son the other day about things we would like to do. We both have a keen interest in computing, electronics and technology. There are developments in new computer hardware and networking which we would love to investigate, but we can't afford to. The cost is not only in money but also the time to look at these things. We haven't the time because we have to fix/mend things instead of just buying a new and better one. The one we bought in the first place was probably an economy model because we couldn't afford a quality one which would have lasted longer.

But we aren't poor, not by a long shot, we just don't have any or enough money. Our income, well a fair proportion of it goes on paying interest on the credit cards and loans that we have had in the past to purchase the things which we needed at that time. Not things we particularly wanted but things we needed, like washers and dryers furniture car repairs. We could do without these things but we are on a reasonable income so can afford the interest so we bought the things when we needed them as opposed to suffering some deprivation by not having them.

I have lived in Africa and I've seen deprivation, and there can be no excuse for us allowing that to continue, we have to live with our conscience if we don't do anything else. But neither can we pretend that we can help all the world's poor, we just have to start and continue in our own small way by deciding to do something.

Maybe a start would be to open up Africa. Just look at a map (see how many roads there are in Europe, now scroll down through Africa and compare), there are roads in South Africa but between there and Egypt there are practically none. Why is that?
There is a real need but why haven't they been built?
Better still why can't we get them built.

There was a news report about the increase in the number of people sending their children to private schools. The report seemed to imply that this was happening as a criticism of the state schools, but then again I would think it was more likely as a result of more people being able to afford to send their kiddies to private schools.

To quote: "If it ain't fun don't do it" this really means make anything you have to do into fun and it will get done.

Visualize to materialize, yes well. I was reluctant to follow this but then again, I really want an Aston Martin:

Just thinking about spending that much money on a car. Today (June 2007) the Aston Martin V8 Vantage costs 82,000.00 but that is the value of the car as opposed to wasting a resource. The idea that there is a limited amount of money is not quite right. There is no limit since we make it ourselves as of course we make the budgets too which we think are the limits. Take a look at this article, so the Japanese made money, literally and saved the World!!

This puts my mere 500,000.00 into some sort of possible perspective.

Also, this week July 10 2007, I heard a report that Prince Charles had donated 20,000,000.00 to help keep and restore an important house somewhere south of Watford. I would like to do that to save some of the old buildings around Stoke-on-Trent, like the old Methodist Chapel in Burslem, well what little there is left of it.

I decided that a Range Rover Sport would be more practical for photographic expeditions to Scotland. The Aston I can use to visit cities.

So I want some money, not sure where it will come from but that's not the point.


This would do for a start.

The Olympus camera I bought nearly 2 years ago in 2005 has helped me to produce over 4000 photographs (some can be seen here) I thought I couldn't afford the camera in the first place and I hadn't taken many photographs for the previous 4 years because I couldn't really afford to get the film developed so I didn't bother. Now I bother, each photograph now is practically free to produce, just takes my time and effort which I enjoy so its enabled me to have more joy in my life.
Now I am looking at the next camera and a number of extra lenses.

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