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Burslem and the Potteries

Burslem Photographs

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Burslem bottle ovens

Bottle ovens in Burslem, once the mainstay of the pottery industry.

Methodist Church

The facade is all that remains.

Old buildings in Burslem


One of the remaining very old buildings in Burslem.

Saint Johns Church

St Johns

The witch Molly Lee is buried in the churchyard of Saint Johns Burslem.

Frosty grave.

The frost gradually melts on a grave in St. Johns Burslem.

Saint Johns from the back.

The ornate wrought iron gates of St. Johns churchyard.

The Mitre pub

The Mitre, a very old Burslem pub.

Waterloo Road.

Looking down Waterloo Road towards Burslem.

Old style houses

The building styles along Waterloo Road are many and varied.

Camoys Terrace.

Camoys Terrace on Waterloo Road.

Modern buildings

The modern buildings stand out from the older ones..

The small shops.

Small shops along Waterloo Road.

The Big House

The Big House built by the Wedgwoods in 1750.

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