Britpics Peak District

Peak District

Hen Cloud, The Roaches and Ramshaw Rocks near Leek

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(Photo 35)

Looking east towards the village .

High Wheeldon.
(Photo 36)

The hill to the left is High Wheeledon.

Derbyshire Trees.
(Photo 44)

Starkly beautiful.

Lonely Landy.
(Photo 31)

The classic Land Rover stands lonely in a field.

(Photo 47)

Christmas trees in Castleton.

(Photo 49)

Cruck Barn.

(Photo 51)

Cross Street .

St. Edmunds.
(Photo 54)

St. Edmunds church .

(Photo 60)

Cottage on Market Place.

(Photo 63)

Cottages in Market Place.

Market Place.
(Photo 66)

Market Place Cross and tree.

St. Edmunds churchyard Castleton.
(Photo 75)

St. Edmunds overlooks the graves.

(Photo 89)

Moorland near Royal Cottage glowing with the setting sun.

Shutlingsloe on the horizon.
(Photo 801)

Shutlingsloe on the horizon.

Ramshaw Rocks.
(Photo 803)

Ramshaw Rocks, as romantic now as when Miss Lizzie Bennet walked over them.

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