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St. Swithins.
(Photo 01)

The Church through the trees.

The Rectory.
(Photo 02)

The Rectory.

(Photo 03)

Sunset throught the trees.

Sheringham Clock Tower
(Photo 04)

Sheringham Clock Tower was built on the site of the town well.

Sheringham beach
(Photo 05)

Sheringham beach looking west

Sheringham beach
(Photo 06)

Sheringham beach looking east.

Sheringham beach
(Photo 07)

Sheringham lonely beach

Sheringham beach
(Photo 08)

Sheringham beach and pup

(Photo 09)

Norfolk furrows

(Photo 10)

Trees and furrows.

Two trees
(Photo 11)

Two trees help to mark the field boundary .

(Photo 12)

Clouds glow red in the sunset.

Norfolk Broads.
(Photo 13)

River Bure near Horning.

Norfolk Broads.
(Photo 14)

Sailing the Bure probably from Wroxham.

Norfolk Broads.
(Photo 15)

Two willow trees hang gracefully over the water.

Norfolk Broads.
(Photo 16)

Property on the river.

Norfolk Broads.
(Photo 17)

The river meanders slowly through the reed beds.

Norfolk Broads.
(Photo 18)

The large willow near The New Inn at Horning.

(Photo 19)

Ruins of the priory.

Slipper Chapel.
(Photo 20)

The mid-14th century chapel dedicated to St Catherine of Alexandria.

Windmill on the fens .
(Photo 21)

Windmills were used to drain the fens.

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